Berber Rug Runner

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These traditional Moroccan BERBER rug are handwoven by the Berber Tribes, from which the rugs get their name. The Berber people typically reside in Morocco and are known for their craftsmanship. These traditional Moroccan Berber and Beni Ourain runners are available in a choice of sizes - Our Berber rugs are 100% authentic Moroccan Berber rugs and have been hand selected for their quality and style. These rugs were woven with wool from the sheep of the Atlas mountains and combine a blend of traditional and contemporary styling ensuring they will work well with most design styles. Berber rugs are notable for their natural white and ivory tones, and the naturally dyed darker intertwined wool, which makes them a great candidate to tie in with most colour schemes.


1.5m x 1m

2m x 1m 

3m x 1m